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LED Dance Floor & Aisle

Want twinkling lights below your feet as you and all your guests dance the night away?


Imagine all the photos of you taking your first dance as a married couple as if your dancing among stars!


Our Dance Floors all have LED lights built into a shiny gloss acrylic for non slip, and give a stunning lighting effect.

We have two types of floor available both have a white finish, one has white twinkling LED's the second had colour changing LED's.

Add the Dancing On The Clouds effect and your guests will be talking about this day for years to come.

We have LED dance floor sizes to suit all requirements and budgets!

There are two factors to consider when choosing your dance floor size. You need to take into account the number of guests you are expecting and the space available for a dance floor in your chosen venue.

It is widely expected that at any one time you can expect approximately 30% of your guests to be dancing. Here is our guide to what size dance floor we believe you will require.

Up to 60 guests – 10ft x 10ft

Up to 90 guests – 12ft x 12ft

Up to 120 guests – 14ft x 14ft

Up to 150 guests – 16ft x 16ft

Up to 200 guests – 20ft x 20ft


Our white LED dance floors are most popular for weddings, nothing looks more spectacular than one of our beautiful white LED dance floors as a centrepiece to your wedding day.

White LED Dance Floor

RGB LED Dance Floor

Our RGB LED Dance Floors are for those looking for something a little different!

this floor not only twinkles but changes colour with your evenings entertainment.


Dancing On The Clouds

Want your first dance to be from a fairy tale first dance, you too can be dancing on the clouds like princess aurora.


Our dry ice machine will cover your dance floor and give the illusion of dancing on clouds.


This is ideal for a magical effect and will make any first dance memorable.

  • Dry ice effect

  • Create a magical atmosphere.

  • Odourless 

  • Tasteless

  • Harmless to the environment

  • Non Slip



When this service is ordered we supply 10kg of dry ice with the machine. This 10kg of dry ice lasts between 7-10 min (room temperature depending) perfect for a first dance. If more dry ice is required, we can order per 10kg from our supplier.

How it works:

  • Pellets need to be ordered 3 days before the event.

  • Pellets are placed into the heater of the machine with water

  • Heater creates a chemical reaction.

  • The magic happens!


Walk up the aisle in style with a white starlit aisle. It includes all the setting up and testing before your ceremony so you just turn up to a shiny LED aisle and walk with the LED floor lights twinkling beneath your feet.

White LED Aisle