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Venue Uplighting

  • ​Available in packages of x6, x8, x10 x12 Lights more available on request.

  • Loads of colours to choose from. 

  • Can be programmed to change colour with the disco.

Our ultra bright LED venue mood uplighting, is a unique way to customise your venue and  will tie in to any surrounding, and transforming the venue.

At A J Discos & Events, we use the most up to date equipment and software, meaning via lighting & computer controlled technology we are able to select any shade of any colour scheme you desire. You can choose to have the lighting on a static colour of your choice or we can program the lights to slowly fade between a range of colours depending on your choice.

Lighting can be used to paint your venue with light, thus creating a unique and perfect atmosphere.

Did you know that LED lighting  doesn’t get hot so it’s safe to use in marquees and around small children.

You can even use the mood lighting as a chill out room if your guests want to chat, relax and have a break from dancing.


Kirsty & Dan - The Heritage Park Hotel

“Thank you for such an amazing evening the atmosphere was amazing, the room looked fabulous thank you so so much!”