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Creative Lighting 

Bring class and elegance to your wedding with creative lighting!

Turn heads at your wedding day with a range of creative lighting effects we have on offer.

All our equipment has regular maintenance, PAT certificate and is PLI covered.

Take a look below to see how we can transform your venue with light.

Our ultra bright LED venue mood uplighting, is a unique way to customise your venue and  will tie in to any surrounding, and transforming the venue.

At A J Discos & Events, we use the most up to date equipment and software, meaning via lighting & computer controlled technology we are able to select any shade of any colour scheme you desire.

Available for a static colour of your choice or we can program the lights to slowly fade between a range of colours depending on your choice.

When booked with the elegant or luxurious disco can be programmed with the disco's lighting show.

Venue Uplighting


Name In Lights

Have you always wanted to be a west end star or a singer and have your name in lights?

Well unfortunately we cannot help you with that, however on your special day we can have a fixed or moving head beam of light that projects, a personalised design of your names projected onto a wall, ceiling or the dance floor.

You can choose whether you want your Christian names or your new surname, you can choose the style, font, in a white light to be projected onto a wall, ceiling or even the dance floor, for as long as you require and will be an enchanting focal point and will get everyone talking at your wedding.



How it works:

  • Together we create the design.

  • The design gets sent off to our custom gobo makers.

  • Your custom gobo goes into our gobo protector.

  • The gobo projector projects your design to the desired area.

  • At the end of your event you get your gobo as a souvenir. 



When we say love letters we don't mean romantic poems or sonnets we mean 4ft wooden framed letters with classic cabochon style funfair lighting.


You, all your family and friends can have hours of selfie fun around these 4ft Love Letters, they can provide a perfect backdrop for pictures or can be the a memorable focal point in any venue. You and your guests will love taking every opportunity to take photos with each letter at your event or special occasion.


Our letters are custom made with white cabochon style funfair lighting and will complement any venue.

Our Love Letters are available for day hire or as an addition to the evening entertainment.

Love Letters