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Atmospheric Effects

Atmospheric effects bring a sense of wonder to any wedding. Creating talked about memories for years to come.

Dancing On The Clouds

Want your first dance to be from a fairy tale first dance, you too can be dancing on the clouds like princess aurora.


Our dry ice machine will cover your dance floor and give the illusion of dancing on clouds.


This is idea for your magical effect and will make any first dance memorable.

  • Dry ice effect

  • Create a magical atmosphere.

  • Odourless 

  • Tasteless

  • Harmless to the environment

  • Non Slip



When this service is ordered we supply 10kg of dry ice with the machine. This 10kg of dry ice lasts between 7-10 min (room temperature depending) perfect for a first dance. If more dry ice is required, we can order per 10kg from our supplier.

How it works:

  • Pellets need to be ordered 3 days before the event.

  • Pellets are placed into the heater of the machine with water

  • Heater creates a chemical reaction.

  • The magic happens!


Want to start or end your party with a bang? How about ordering our Confetti cannons?

Creates wonderful photo opportunities for your first dance and really do deliver the wow factor!

We supply white and silver confetti but if you have a special something in mind we can also supply White, Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow & Multicolour.

We can also set them off at timed points through the evening.

Confetti Cannons

Our cannons are not like the cheep compressed air cannons that don’t go very far they are hydrogen released cannons that create a much wider range.

  • ​​Selection of different colour confetti/streamers.

  • Fantastic effect for a first dance or end of night finale. 

  • Create a magical atmosphere.

  • Hundreds of confetti/streamers raining down per shot.

We use only the best Magic FX Confetti Cannons.


Bubble Machines

Do you want something different at your wedding then why not think of a bubble machine?


Excellent alternative to confetti, as a lot of places do not allow to use confetti, due to damage to the environment, which bubbles do not do, make a lovely scene for those first photos as Mr and Mrs after the ceremony, or an excellent way to make your first dance stand out from the rest. Having a stream or short sharp bursts of bubbles around you while you dance.


How it works:

  • Machine gets filled with fluid.

  • Machine pumps out hundreds of bubbles.

  • In some cases ​we use big fans to send the bubbles further.

  • The magical atmosphere is created!